It's Time to Awaken Your Senses

We believe nurturing a sense of connection to yourself is the root of happiness. One way to do it is through scents.

Modern, Minimal and Durable

At Dhoopa Living, we offer unique, modern and high-quality incense holders and sticks for you and your home. Our collection of incense and incense accessories are designed to enhance your scented rituals.

Modern Aesthetic

A contemporary aesthetic that fits every living style. Designs that understand simple lines and shapes do it. Less is more.


A wide range of materials from wood, ceramic, glass to recycled plastic, choose the holder to reflect your unique personality. 

HIGH quality

Made to last and used whenever you want. Natural incense sticks from quality ingredients to purify space, body and mind.

Incense chambers as a coveted household decor and to light desired incense sticks

Incense holders are design objects and interesting pieces when they are not being used.

Light an incense when..

Your scented ritual can help set intention, bring you back to yourself and soothe mind.

All our products have a story.
They are..

As you watch the smoke rise gently, we hope you feel..

Find suitable holders and incense
for your scented rituals

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